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E3 Metals Corp - A Petro-Lithium Company

The E3 Advantage

  • Significant Resources: 6.7 million tonnes LCE*
    • In our key area, each 5 km development network outlined in the 43-101 has the ability to produce enough brine to support an equivalent production rate 10,000 t LCE operation for up to 10 years*
    • There are 188 – 5 km development areas in just the Central Clearwater Resource area alone*
  • Extraction Technology
    • Developed concentration technology that can increase lithium concentrations from 75mg/L to 1206mg/L*
    • This occurs in less than 3 hours and removes 99% of the critical metals from the brine*
  • Lower Development Costs
    • Available Infrastructure: Our resource is located in the heart of Central Alberta’s legacy oilfield with potential access to an extensive network of underutilized surface and subsurface production infrastructure (wells, pipelines, powerlines, roads, etc).
    • Easy Testing: Existing oil and gas operations within E3’s leases produce enriched brines to surface and has facilitated resource evaluation, sampling and extraction testing
  • Rapid scalability: Using a “hub and spoke” approach with a centralized processing facility and a network of smaller modular concentration plants
  • Extremely Low Resource Finding Costs: Actual project costs to delineate inferred resources are some of the lowest in the industry: $0.18 per tonne LCE, as E3 conducted exploration without the requirement of drilling wells.
  • Geothermal Potential: With water temperatures in the Leduc formation of 70-100°C, the resource boasts geothermal energy that can be leveraged to reduce the energy requirements of our process
  • Significant Environmental Advantages: By re-purposing existing oil and gas facilities, E3’s “brownfield” development approach minimizes land and biodiversity impacts. Our closed loop water processing system could result in virtually no wastes or water use and no effluent discharges to surface. Our low energy production approach is expected to significantly lower greenhouse gas (GHG) production compared with competing global lithium supplies from hard rock mining and evaporative salars.
  • Clean Energy Transition: Confluence of market demand and government policy promoting a clean energy transition in Canada and Alberta.
  • Commodity on the Rise: The emergence of vehicle electrification and distributed/renewable energy generation has created a projected supply-demand gap for lithium and increasing lithium commodity prices2
  • Partnership Opportunities: Legacy Oil and gas operators see long term opportunity amidst declining oil and gas production to create new value with E3’s lithium brine
  • Secure Supply: With our stable regulatory regime and extremely large resource, E3 offers a reliable long-term supply for customers.
  • Alberta Advantage: Alberta has a stable and mature regulatory regime and is positioned for economic diversification opportunities. E3 will leverage Alberta’s existing infrastructure and know-how, while setting a global standard for environmental performance in lithium production

* E3 Metals has released information on three 43-101 Technical Reports totalling resource of 6.7 Mt LCE. The Central Clearwater Resource Area (CCRA) Technical Report, identifying 1.9Mt LCE (inferred), is dated effective October 27, 2017, and the North Rocky Resource Area (NRRA) Technical Report was dated effective October 27, 2017, identifies 0.9Mt LCE (inferred). Both reports are available on SEDAR ( A third report for the Exshaw West Resource Area (EWRA), identifies 3.9Mt LCE (inferred) and will be released in June 2018. 

Chris Doornbos (P.Geo), President, CEO and a Director of E3 Metals Corp., is a Qualified Person as defined by National Instrument 43-101 and has read and approved the technical information contained in this website.

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